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Cash For Cars


Hazara Car Removal also offer cash for your old, damaged or unwanted vehicle From $50 Upto $4500.

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Scrap Metal


We are the largest buyers of Scrap Metal across the country. eg.unwanted households, electrical and pipes

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Car Removal


NO matter if the car is in a driveway, street or in your backyard, we arrange vehicle removal service at no extra cost.

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Scrap Car Removal All Area + Cash Paid Upto $5999

If you have a Scrap car that has no hopes of running and it only taking up space in your garage, then get it removed and earn cash! It’s easy to forget the useless car sitting in your garage or driveway, especially when you barely use it. Sure, it’s sitting there and not really causing any harm, but you could be sitting on some free cash.

scrap-car-removalContact Hazara car removals on 03 9701 8740 and get that car removed today. Not only will they come and remove the car for you, but you can also get cash on the spot. Getting cash has never been this easy. The car will be used for scrap parts or recycled down for reuse. And, you will get free, easy cash just for getting rid of your car.

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Our process is quick and hassle free:

car-removal-quote-processFirst, make sure you remove everything from the car, such as license plates and any other personal items you have in the car. If the car is in someone else’s name, then make sure the title owner gives permission to you getting rid of the car.

Once that is all taken care of, Call 03 9701 8740 where you can sell scrap cars. Make an appointment to have the car looked at and accessed for its value. On the day of the appointment, a representative of Hazara scrap car collection will come and have a look at the car. Our professional staff will also inspect the car to see how much the car is worth. Depending on the condition of the car, you can sell the scrap car for a significant amount of money.

Once the car is appraised, you then get your cash. Our company will pay on the spot, while others will require you to visit their office. We offer free collection to tow away the car for you so you won’t have to worry about transporting it. The car doesn’t have to be running or even functioning to get a good amount of cash. All cars, no matter the condition.

Getting cash for scrap car removal is that easy. It is greatly convenient if you just want to get rid of the car. You won’t have to pay for it to get towed, and you can make some cash off the car. The Hazara car removal will take care of removing the vehicle and disposing of it. In addition, the location the car is in doesn’t matter—any car can be removed. 

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